Unique Ammolite

Sterling Silver





This pendant is absolutely one of a kind.

Photos are from different angles.

The gemstone has wonderful shade variations.  

It features flashes of light that reflect back from the gem.


The bezel (jewelry backing) is handmade entirely.  It custom fits this gem precisely and features a hand ornamented backing to nest the gem onto. The design was specifically created to complement and protect the gemstone.

This is not mass-produced jewelry. 

The metal featured is Sterling Silver and it is plated with fine Rhodium to make it easy to care for (making it tarnish resistant).

The Chain is Sterling Silver (2mm links) with a spring ring clasp.

The bale (holds the pendant to the chain) is a secure split-ring type.

The Ammolite Gem measures approximately 19.75mm long by 11.33mm wide (at the widest).  Here is a closeup.

We selected this gemstone because of the beautiful variations of green that it carries. 

Depending on room/outdoor lighting, the greens can take on multiple tones, rich flashes of blue and even a small patch of a golden glow on one side. 

Inside this specific gemstone is a natural vertical striation of black that gives the gem the appearance of a

'Dragon's eye'.




Note:  Because this is a one-of-a-kind piece we will remove this advertisement as soon as possible when it sells.    
Information about Ammolites:  

Origin (for the best specimens that are gemstone quality)


Western Slope, Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada

Gemstone quality pieces are from the famous bearpaw formation.


What is it?  How old is it?


The fossilized organic material from Ammonite Shells!  The gemstones are dated at over 70 million years old.


How is it Mined?


Using all typical mining methods for gemstones - yet with great care.  The natural stone is very fragile.


How is it prepared for use in jewelry?


The ammolite is carefully cut to maximize its beauty.  Then it is prepared as either a doublet or a triplet to safeguard it.


What is a doublet or triplet?

A doublet is where the thin layer of gemstone is covered by a clear protective layer.

A triplet is where the thin layer of gemstone is sandwiched between a base layer (often dark) and a clear top layer.  Triplets provide the best protection for the ammolites, and are usually the way that fine opals are also prepared.

We use triplets.


 How do I clean my ammolite?  Simply rub with a clean soft cloth.  Do not heat it or use chemicals on it at all.  This is not necessary and is not recommended for Ammolites at all.
Why an ammolite?

Ammolites are very popular because of their absolutely unique beauty.  Not only are they very rare, but they are also very symbolic stones. 

Your choice of ammolite can symbolize a resolution, something very important to you, or a priceless memory. 

Everyone sees something slightly different inside each ammolite.

What do you see?