Products made in the USA

We design all of our products.  We make the metal pieces, procure USA made cord, and buy USA made packaging.  The only component we use that is not from the USA are crystals - currently they are from Austria.



The production process is labor intensive, and each piece is handled multiple times during every production step. Every piece has hand-production, hand-tooling, hand assembly and hand-finishing involved in its creation.  This means that our pieces have tiny variations from the artistic process and are not identically mass-produced. 



We make every effort to keep an inventory of merchandise in stock for our customers.  If we receive large orders that deplete our stock, it can take 7 - 14 days to make pieces for inventory replenishment.  We will contact you if that is the case.



If it is necessary for you to return our products, please contact us immediately.  Returns can be accepted if they are shipped back to us within 30 days of the purchase date. We will provide instructions for the return of your product.  The product should not be abused and the packaging should be in new condition.  


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a material that can eventually tarnish depending on weather and storage conditions.  To help you keep our products looking nice, we added a rhodium finish that is tarnish resistant.  This eliminates or minimizes tarnishing issues!


Gold Plating

Our gold-plated pieces are Sterling silver with a 14 kt yellow gold electroplated overlay.  This means your entire piece features precious metals. 


Loops and Bails

We use quality sterling silver loops and bails.  For gold plated pieces we also gold plate the loop or bail.


Recycled Casings

We use recycled cartridges for the Off-Target jewelry.  This means that you will receive the Caliber size blank you ordered in your jewelry, however the name of the manufacturer will vary depending upon what is available.  Some blanks do not have a manufacturer name on them at all.  Also - because every cartridge used in our jewelry making is genuine and has actually been fired through a firearm, there will be marks or imperfections on them.  These marks are proof that the cartridges have been recycled and are not fabricated or new. 



We use surgical stainless steel ear-wires - and reserve the right to change styles when our suppliers need to make production changes.  Differences in appearance are usually minimal and we make all efforts to use high quality ear-wires.



We use crystals for our colorful pieces - because they are high quality and beautiful.  We acquire pieces that are made using a lead-free process for your safety.  Because crystal pieces are labor-intensively made, colors in every order we receive may be slightly unique.  We take care to hand-match earring crystal pairs for you and ensure that your orders are bright and colorful. 


Cords, Chains and Packaging materials

Chains are available for separate purchase and are not included with pieces purchased.  They are described in their merchandise description.  Cords are silky cords and are made in the USA.  These cords can fray over time.  Packaging is from Natural recycled materials whenever possible and is also made in the USA.


International Sales and Large wholesale orders

Contact us using the contact form on our website and we will be happy to discuss special orders with you.  Minimum quantities apply to wholesale sales to retail operations.


Copyright and Registered Trademark Protection

Our designs are originals, and we aggressively protect them from being copied.